Spirits of the northern lights is my first book. I went through self publishing with Friesen Press because I thought it was better for me. I made all the decisions on the book and how the characters looked. I wasn’t sure how to go the route of publishing a book or where to even start so I decided to self publish to try to learn the in’s and outs of the literary world. This book is near and dear to my hearrthe grandparents in the book are my actual parents names. I wanted some part of my book to reflect them. My father passed away when I was sixteen so I wanted some way to keep his memory alive and with my mother in some way. This book took me two years to actually write, get illustrated and finally publish. It was such a grueling experience I almost quit part way because it just felt like I was never going to publish the book and I was wasting my time. Thankfully I pulled through and lived my childhood dream of becoming a children’s book author. I have started on other books it is a slow process for me when I have the time and when I find the inspiration. I eventually want to publish more books. My book link: https://books.friesenpress.com/store/title/119734000055944232/Skye-Durocher-Spirits-of-the-Northern-Lights

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She is lovely to work with and amazing at what she does. Grace is now a tattoo artist and you can have her beautiful art on your body.