Spirits of the northern lights will be available in plains cree y dialect in 2020

I have been working on a second book with Friesenpress I want to do a book in my indigenous language which is Cree. I would also love to do one in another indigenous language as well. I have found someone to do an audio book type of thing as well so that people call follow along and learn how the proper pronunciations. I will be starting all that fun stuff officially in the new year so 2020 so watch out for my book in my language and I hope people are as excited as I am!

Working on another book

Working on a second book about a relationship between a grandmother and her adopted grand daughter. I am down the rabbit hole into that one getting it all written up and I am hoping to get Grace to illustrate my second book but if not best believe I will be looking for a just as talented illustrator. I am sending this one off to companies instead of self publishing I have seen the side of self publishing but now I want to see what it looks like for a book company to sell my book and what that is like.