I was in a huffington post article!

Huffington post wrote an article called “When kids read books by people of colour, their worlds open up.”

Read the whole article it is amazing and gives a shout out to so many amazing other authors out in the world.

Sharing cultural nuances is something Skye Durocher has accomplished, too. The 29-year-old Métis author is from Fishing Lake Metis Settlement in Alberta. Durocher wrote and self-published her first book Spirits of the Northern Lights, which follows the life of a girl named Cora and the lessons her grandparents teach her.

Huffing post – When kids read books by people of colour, their world opens up. By Al Donato

I am signing my book contract in the new year!

Finally I have an update! Finishing school and working has taken up much of my time! Do not worry though I am putting my book in Cree and I would like to put in in Dene as well. Eventually! I am still self published and it costs me quite a bit of money for the new contract I am signing plus the translators. I am working on my second book and am hoping to send it out to a publisher in by next May. Fingers crossed*

Plains cree Y dialect

It’s official! I am finally going to get my book translated into a second language! I am on the hunt for a translator! Fingers crossed it works out! 😃 hoping for the best!


Blue Quills University has ordered 14 of my books for early childhood development students! Wow thanks so much for the support! Being a self published writer and a full time student feels like a lot sometimes. So this helps so much! Thank you for supporting my dreams of being an author

My book in a second language?

Sooo! I am “possibly” 🤞🏽 if everything works out. 🤞🏽 putting my book in a second language! That would be plains cree Y dialect! I’m so excited! I don’t know when it will officially happen. I am self funded. I am interested in putting the book in other indigenous languages that would be amazing. I have been getting suggestions to make it audio in cree that’s something I am looking into. More updates to come!

Tansi nitotemtik! I have had a very bus month! I took youth on a exchange to Ottawa! I also have been super busy with school! I am off to Elk point Elementary in April!

I had so much fun going to Heinsburg school and reading to the kids. Have them ask me all sorts of questions. They asked me why I wrote it? I told them it’s because when I was a kid. I rarely saw any characters that looked like me or grew up the way I did. So I wrote this book for indigenous kids to have characters that looked like them.


One of the contest winners lives close to. So

I hand delivered and signed her copy.

I am hand delivering two more in the next few days.